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The key result of the Senior-Guides project is the Training Support Pack, which includes all experiences gained and training materials developed within the two-year project: It is available in all partner languages and includes:

The Senior-Guides Curriculum: The Curriculum defines the target group of the Senior-Guides training, gives an overview on modules and explains important steps before and after the training. In addition, we have included some examples of activities trainers could use within the respective modules. 

Job Aids: Additionally to training activities described in the Curriculum, trainers involved in the Senior-Guides project collected relevant material and practical support (e.g. PowerPoint presentations, handouts or descriptions of activities) as a resource for adult trainers, who are going to deliver Senior-Guides trainings.

Case Studies: Case Studies from all partner countries give an insight on how the Senior-Guides training was implemented and which kind of guided tours and initiatives have been developed by our Senior-Guides in Austria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and the United Kingdom.

Golden Rules: Based on their practical experience Senior-Guides trainers summarized useful tips as orientation for other trainers.


Training Support Packs in all partner languages:

Download "Senior-Guides Training Support Pack"
Download "Senior-Guides Trainings-Materialiensammlung"
Download "Senior-Guides - Strumenti di supporto alla formazione"
Download "Senior-Guides - Pagalbinių Mokymo Priemonių"


Please find here some more interesting outcomes:

Project flyer:

Download "Senior-Guides flyer Austria"
Download "Senior-Guides flyer Germany"
Download "Senior-Guides flyer Italy"
Download "Senior-Guides flyer Lithuania"
Download "Senior-Guides flyer United Kingdom"


Newsletter Summer 2010:

Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter01 Lithuania"
Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter01 United Kingdom"
Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter01 Germany"
Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter01 Italy"
Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter01 Austria"


Newsletter Winter 2010/2011:

Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter02 Austria"
Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter02 Switzerland"

Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter02 Lithuania"

Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter02 Germany"

Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter02 Italy"

Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter02 United Kingdom"


Newsletter Spring 2011:

Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter03 Lithuania"
Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter03 Italy"

Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter03 Germany"

Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter03 Austria"

Download "Senior-Guides Newsletter03 United Kingdom"