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WORK PROGRAMME "Senior-Guides" Print E-mail


Work package 1: European Management & Coordination Print E-mail

The European coordination was responsible for assuring the realization of the project according to the defined objectives, supporting partner organizations during the whole process, reporting to the European Commission and – together with partners – organising all partner meetings.

Work package 2: Dissemination Print E-mail

Due to experience gained within previous projects the consortium agreed on various strategies and channels to reach different target groups: Project website, leaflets, newsletters. A vital aspect of the dissemination strategy was the setting up of Regional Networking Platforms including seniors & migrant organizations, politicians, stakeholders, experts and representatives of the target group at regional level.

Work package 3: Elaboration of the Curriculum Print E-mail

The aim of WP 3 was to elaborate the Curriculum for the training of older people to become senior-guides, which is one of the key results of the project.

Work package 4: Testing of the Curriculum Print E-mail

Within WP 4 in each partner country an adequate number of older people have been trained to become senior-guides.

Work package 5: Revision of the Curriculum Print E-mail

Based on the partners┬┤ and training participants┬┤ comments (WP4) and the evaluation results of the training (see WP 7) the WP leader, in cooperation with the training partners of each partner country, revised the Curriculum. One partner in each country was responsible for translating the revised version of the Curriculum into the national partner languages.

Work package 6: Exploitation Print E-mail

Based on the experiences gained within the trainings, Training Support Packs have been elaborated in WP 6 – addressing e.g. training providers, communities, adult learning institutions. In each partner country both the Curriculum and the Training Support Packs have been presented to institutions, communities and stakeholders.

Work package 7: Quality assurance and evaluation Print E-mail

The monitoring of the process was an integral part of the project throughout the course of our work. Furthermore, the training courses for senior-guides were assessed by the participants as well as by the trainers through questionnaires.
Furthermore, peer review sessions were organized for the project partners to mutually assess their work results and discuss potential needs for revision.